Network Care

A body mind approach bridging modern science and holistic healing with outstanding results!

  • Experiencing greater levels of health & wellness in adults, children & infants.
  • Rapid, easeful healing and recovery from injuries & traumatic events.
  • Enhancing inner focus, mental clarity and peak performance.
  • Increasing inner resourcefulness to more effectively respond to life & health challenges.
  • Shifting limiting physical, emotional and mental states of being.
  • Personal growth and evolutionary change.
  • Overall increase in the quality of life.

What People Are Saying…

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Testimonial 1

“Lower back pain 80% improved, more flexible and less sensitive. I haven’t had my back go out in over a year and can now participate more fully in life.” - Valerie Byrne

Testimonial 2

“My left hip had sharp pain, even after going to traditional chiropractic care for 2 years. After four sessions, the pain in my hip is almost gone. I’m amazed!” - Barry Laden

Testimonial 3

“My shoulder pain diminished drastically, and now I am pain-free. My migraine pattern has virtually disappeared, and if it does happen to come back, I have better strategies for working with it. I feel more resilient to the daily stresses of life and I tolerate the physical demands of my work as a musician much better. I also notice that the small beginning of a “dowager’s hump” at the base of my neck has totally disappeared. I stand tall and have greater flexibility and freedom in my movement.” - Kathleen Cook

Testimonial 4

“I walk taller, have better posture, breathe deeper, sleep better, store less stress, have more energy, eat healthier. I am making more money, got engaged, and quitting smoking and beginning to exercise regularly. In a word– profound!” - Jeff Walker

Testimonial 5

“I run a small consulting business in Silicon Valley and live a very fast-paced lifestyle. My work with Ian helps me reduce the stress and impact on my body and mind and maintain balance in my daily life. I would highly recommend Ian to anyone who is interested in achieving a higher level of health and wellness.” - Christine Mathews

Testimonial 6

“The pain I had felt for the last 40 years was like an unwanted house guest that wouldn’t leave. Now that the unwanted guest finally cleared out, I am going about the business of getting reacquainted with my body and feeling what it is like to be able to work long, long days in my studio without limitations. I feel lighter, stronger and happier.” -Wende Stitt

Testimonial 7

“ I have so much more mobility, not only in my “problem” areas but in places where I didn’t even realize I was physically restricted, like my jaw, lungs, heart and sacrum. I feel younger, more vibrant and energetic. I’ve gone back to the gym for the first time in 25 years. I feel like I’m in the midst of a major shift not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.” - Lu Hollowell

Testimonial 8

“My posture has improved and my breath has expanded. I’m more at home in my body, I am experiencing more aliveness, and I’m experiencing less illness. These are just some of the many benefits I am experiencing. “ - Diana Chapman

Testimonial 9

“My body feels lighter. Sitting straight used to be an exhausting thing to do. My shoulder and neck pain is gone. I feel my whole body is relaxed. I laugh more. I am more forgiving with myself and with others. I am more light-hearted. I feel stronger. Things don’t throw me off track easily and I am more self-confident.” – Carin Fortin

Testimonial 10

“My low back pain limited my daily activities, I was unable to stand or sit for any length of time. I was working every day stiff and achy. For the 5 years previous to starting care I was unable to exercise without aggravating the injury. I have my body back! I can run, hike, dance, climb. I went to Healing Waves to decrease the amount of pain I lived in every day and was given SO much more. I have freedom of self-expression, emotionally and physically.” -Katie Briggs

Testimonial 11

“I am more present with others, more able to watch my own mind and interactions, more able to feel the heart and love of others. My posture is greatly improved, I’ve lost a little weight without changing anything else, and my mood and energy are 100% better.” -Anne Laurent

Testimonial 12

“I find it easier to fall asleep at bedtime and when awoken in the middle of the night by using the breathing and direction of energy flow techniques I learned from Dr. Chambers. I have also noticed a better ability to cope with stressful job-related events and I find myself thinking I just feel good on a more frequent basis.” - Jim Staneic

Testimonial 13

“When I first came I didn’t have any pressing concerns, but I had a history of back problems and I wanted to make sure it didn’t become a chronic problem. I’ve been amazed at the extent that I’ve been able to shift my old patterns and habits. I feel more balanced, much less fearful, less likely to ‘react.’ I feel more open, more liberated, more able to embrace what life has to offer.” -Bing Shaw

Testimonial 14

“My posture is much better and my body feels stronger. Network Care has also helped me access my emotions on a deeper, more effective level. I feel like it has helped me more smoothly through life and the many obstacles in it. Another thing I have noticed lately is that the constant mind chatter is so much less now. I feel a peace that I’ve never had before.” - Rocky Patten

Testimonial 15

“As a professional rock climber, I have looked for new ways to increase performance... my muscle awareness has increased and I feel more focused while climbing. After a hard workout, my body focuses recovery efforts more effectively and my overall strength has increased. I also feel Network Care has made it possible for me to relax and think more clearly.” -Chris Bloch